Here are the Best Programming Languages suited for creating VR Apps

Virtual Reality is an artificial environment created by using software. In VR instead of viewing a normal screen, they have started viewing 3D for the best experience in such a way that the user believes it’s real. Virtual Reality has totally changed the way we enjoy things. These days, the virtual reality has developed a lot that after the quick development of mobility technology, you completely feel like you are in that world. The motion tracking controllers and headphone are added as big assets to VR headsets.

Virtual Reality is no more only on Gaming industry but various industries like Healthcare, Teaching, military purposes, films and entertainment, Advertising, Travel, Architecture, Recruitment, space, sports, arts and design what not every industry is using VR.


So, many mobile apps development companies have stepped towards developing VR applications. As it is a good idea of developing VR apps, there are several programming languages to develop VR apps. Here are the best among them.

1. Java:
Java is one of the best programming languages as many people choose Java as first preference, it is object-oriented programing language which is developed at sun microsystems and currently owned by the oracle. For the Virtual Reality, application java goes with its best as it is the extensive and solid programming language. Java 3D application programmers interface (API) enables VR app to generate 3D images, Track points and orientation of Head and other body parts and also provides a very flexible platform for creating the flexible graphics applications.


2. C++:
C++ is an expert and powerful object-oriented language. Even though it is somewhat harder to learn yet it gives some best applications to your mobile app. Unreal engine 4 platform is the flexible one to develop the VR applications so far. This UE4 allows the programmer to create a concept of Virtual Reality without writing a program. This system allows us to connect logic blogs and then we can write a program after planning in Blueprint. This look intensive writing of programming.


3. Python:
Python stood as the easiest programming language for beginners. It is very flexible, dynamic and functional language. Python is easy to understand and it is the language very often used by most programmers. Virtual Reality applications using python creates isolation. Python has its own way of downloading so, this combination will create the wonders.


4. JavaScript:
JavaScript is the programming language of the web, it is used to prepare front end development. Architects have made a tremendous combination with the VR applications. The best advantage of JavaScript is that it empowers the engineer’s framework. The syntax for C and JavaScript are similar. This language uses the WebVR platform for creating the virtual reality application. As it is the cross-platform it becomes easy to create an application in JavaScript.


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There are many app development companies practising virtual reality-based apps also many start-ups have done great work, each of them is in the race to showcase their particular concepts and ideas. FuGenX technologies is a top Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangalore, India, is one of the VR companies which provides the best virtual reality game and Mobile App Development in India, USA & Dubai UAE. It serves its customers with the best VR visualizations.

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Internet of Things: Implications of it on Today and Tomorrow

Now at this point, everybody has heard the name of “Internet of Things“. Generally, this specific world involves the ocean of implications inside itself and truly, here, we will portray it in a way progressively detailed at the same time, yet will be straightforward. Along these lines, essentially “Web of Things”, is a most unmistakable creating region of innovation that keeps your head encompassed. Accurately, mobile applications must be kept around for teaching any of the physical gadgets that exist in your place.


Comprehensively, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of gadgets that interface with the web, for making each ordinary working machine “Smart”. This immaculate innovation stretches to a wide range of apparatuses covering family unit items to all the modern gear. In India, the measurements identified with IoT are taking amazing shape quickly.

There are sure of prominent enormous things that are occurring with IoT, some of them being portable instalments, building up the brilliant versatile application that is related with the mechanization purposes for making the advanced biological community a lot more brilliant.

The Cost of Developing an IoT App

Iridescent chose to take their client level to the following dimension by proffering the un-assembled qualities that help investigation and following abilities for the clients, in order to enable them to work progressively. The innovation accumulates the information and offers it over a versatile application with the IoT innovation.

Countless IoT app development companies in India are being pursued by the best brands for engaging and enhancing the client encounter. The advancement of the market patterns with the IoT appears to be very relentless, the reason being it makes things progressively improved with your versatile applications.

How about we dive into what’s to come


A few of hypotheses has been uncovered that conceals the assembling, retail, wellbeing, traffic and a lot more enterprises. Act of spontaneities in these enterprises with the guide of IoT can alter the market experiences past creative energy.

Taken from the viewpoint of assembling industry, specifically, it very well may be accepted that it will diagram the point by point bits of knowledge pretty much every one of the preparations starting directly from the unit level and will endorse the enhanced methodologies for controlling and observing the whole improvement strategies.

Thus, the expanded deceivability can help the business people for picturing the procedure and the related work process that is occurring. It even enables you to fix the issues in a flash so to smooth up the chain of the advancements that are occurring. Brilliant assembling is the most noticeable IoT situation that is rising nowadays. It has opened up the entryways for all the mobile Apps Development Companies for conveying the appreciated IoT portable applications.

The Network of Digital Payments

Widening up the idea, these are a couple of ramifications of the IoT that gives consistent chances of making every one of the spaces of your lives more brilliant. Directly from the idea of the shrewd home that is presently being received by a more extensive territory, entryways for retail, fabricating, vehicle, wellbeing, sports and so on has been opened up and, ventures are energetically searching for taking their demographic to the following dimension for making their experience substantially more informed.


It is sure that IoT is going to be the future, as various commercial and household businesses run on it. For making best applications out of IoT’s, reach FuGenX Technologies, an award-winning mobile apps development company India.

Top 5 Blockchain Technology Trends

Scalability and possibility of future implementation Take an easy way with blockchain technology For a technical point of view, it has reached its new boundary. Blockchain technology is faster to upend revolutionized technology. Blockchain is the inclusion of all parties to the verification of the third party.

Top mobile app development companies in India are experimenting with blockchain technology. As demand for blockchain is increasing day-by-day, organizations have started research on evolution and technology to implement and get better ROI.

The fast development of blockchain technology for the past few years is breathtaking. Have to look out for the year.


1. Blockchain As A Service (BaaS): Blockchain as a service, the name itself says that what it is. It is a cloud and service-based blockchain technology which is integrated with most small businesses and enterprises. The technology helps mobile developers to make products digital working with blockchain. Many of the technology-oriented organizations like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft have been employed at the end of the year.

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Here you can see BaaS.

  • Resource sharing
  • Performance Contract
  • Single Window
  • Rationalizing expenditure
  • Contract execution
  • Document Origin Tracking

2. Federated Blockchain: Federated blockchain is an advanced blockchain and it is an ideal blockchain model for many use cases. The blockchain says that it also provides customized private blockchain development. As we can notice the differences between the blockchain development and private blockchain development which make it more unique. They are similar but not the same. In Federated blockchain development, the blockchain and the pre-selected nodes

Financial services, supply chain management, and a cloud platform are the best examples of federated blockchain.

Here you can see some use cases of federated blockchain:

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance claims
  • Supply chain management
  • Multiparty aggression

3. Stable coins: stable coins advanced technologies to cryptocurrencies Stable coins have added value for exchange operators, exchange users and the cryptocurrency markets as well. Tether is a stable coin. Stable coins can run on centralized systems.

Here you can see some cases.

  • Decentralized financial services
  • Create stability in the cryptocurrency
  • Streamline recurring and P2P Payments
  • Global currency

4. Security Tokens:

Security tokens are also one of trending top blockchain technology. It is a regulated way which protects investors against the fraud and renews process for raised money of the companies and organizations.

For example years ago ICOs were the talk of the town is replaced by STO which is fully regulated, protects, real and registered assets

Here you can see some Use case of Security tokens

  • Media
  • Investment Bank
  • Money exchange

 5. Hybrid Blockchain:

Hybrid Blockchain is the best and most trending blockchain technology to watch out in 2019 which most supportively provides public as well as private blockchain solutions. For example in some organization like Government cannot entirely be decentralized by using only public blockchain or only private blockchain. In some instances, they need to interact with people where they cannot use only private blockchain. No matter what they use either public or private blockchain, they endeavour services with customized solutions of transference, integrity and security.

Here you can see some Use case of Hybrid Blockchain

  • Supply chain Enterprise services
  • Banking
  • Hybrid IoT

After a brief glance at trending blockchain, we can say that in the various industries over the years. A lot of top mobile app development companies in India and the USA have employed the technology of blockchain, mobile phone app development services and solutions to have a huge impact on various industries, as well as startups. If anyone interested in the respective technology can contact top blockchain app developers, FuGenX Technologies in India to increase your business revenue.

You Can Reach Us directly at FuGenX

Top Trending Tools to develop AR mobile applications

Using mobile apps you can order food, groceries, households as quickly as possible, you can play music, you can shop whatever you want within a fraction of seconds sitting in one place you can perform multitasks using mobile apps. So day-by-day mobile apps making our life easy going as we much as we expected.

There so many tools and frameworks are there to create mobile apps. Augmented reality is also one of the trending technologies which is replacing the virtual world into the real world. AR tools enable mobile developers with open source API to enrich the app development process.

Here are five AR tools which can be used for app development.

AR Mobile App Development

AR Toolkit: One of the AR tools used in the development of AR apps. ARToolkit enables open source code for developers. The open source code has access to the library which supports tracking of the advanced real-world object with the help of mobile cameras. Supports 2D recognition and mapping through OpenGL. ARToolKit provides comfortable free development environment best suited for the operating systems like iOS, Linux, Mac OSX and Android.

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Vuforia: Vuforia is All-in-one AR tool kit which includes test app. It is convenient for virtual reality apps devices. Supports image, object, English text recognition. Comfortable for 2D and 3D recognition. We can also use virtual buttons to AR apps using this AR technical tool. Vuforia allows developers to create stand-alone AR apps with set extended tracking features. Here we can also have the strategy for markerless targets such as bottles, cups, boxes and texts. Most of the people get comfortable with Vuforia tool to develop AR apps

LayAR: It is also one of the useful AR tools used to create mobile apps. As the name indicates it allows you to view the terrain in the form of layers on the mobiles. It also supports image recognition and mapping using extra elements of user location based. Each of the layers could possess the location of a specific area or social net users. Functionalities of LayAR support augmentations of the ability of the printed products. LayAR is a detailed and structured tool but the work is done on the server using JSon it includes some mapping with additional elements in recognition which turns its work inflexible.

WikiTude: Wikitude is also one of the best AR tools. It is best in-2D and 3D recognition, Scanning for real objects for recognition, 3D model performance and animations, location tracking and HTML augmentation. You can reconstruct place at virtual maps, to perform any search events, tweets, wiki articles with the help of this tool. It helps you to receive mobile coupons, information about current specials, and it also allows you to play in the AR games. It is well convenient for Android, iOS can be used in multi ways act as a plugin for PhoneGap. Module for Titanium, a component for Xamarin. It includes markerless tracking and unity programming language.

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Kudan AR: Kudan AR tool functionality works fine in image recognition, mapping additional element on user location-based, recognized image, markerless tracking, mapping additional elements through OpenGL. Its main advantage is that is a little faster than other frameworks. Here we can achieve mapping multi-polygonal models using Kudan AR. The number of image recognition is unlimited and acquires less memory space in a device.

The detailed and well-structured above tool kit libraries have all-inclusive of benefits and opportunities in mobile apps development in India from the various platforms and resources from a set of tools for recognizing and tracking the objects.

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IoT Solutions for Enterprises

As per statistics, about 60% of the enterprises use IoT for various purposes.

IoT, Internet of Things is proving itself to be the best solution for various day to day challenges. Not just for a particular arena or to a particular customer, but also various businesses are using IoT for streamline operations, data collections, and mainly to offer better services to their customers. This is why it is becoming widespread in the entrepreneur community and is recorded to be used by a count of 60%.


IoT applications are not just restricted to some industries, rather various industries can explore its applications in the following ways

  • Improving Product lines

Talking about the agriculture industry, monitoring the crop conditions forms the basis for the yield. For this to enhance, John Deere, who is the manufacturer of tractor equipment, has addressed farmers with IoT device management designs for their needs.

Citing an example for it, before planting seeds, farmers need to check for the soil condition like the softness or the hardness of the soil, which in turn determines the amount of pressure to be applied in order to get the maximum yield. For this, John Deere provided sensors which can measure the pressure required to apply on the seed. Thus helping the farmers to find ease in their jobs. These sensors can be easily operated as they are connected to remote planters and farmers can make adjustments at any time and from any place.

In the above example, both agriculture farmers and agriculture equipment companies, both are benefitted from IoT.

  • Reduced Shipping Cost

There are certainly challenging in the automobile industry like high expenditure for maintaining vehicle fleet, vehicle disturbances like breakdown and accidents. In order to meet these expenditures effectively, Saia LTL Freight, an International truck manufacturer, implemented IoT programming for reducing these expenses. Now, this company’s trucks are loaded with IoT devices which can monitor the vehicle conditions continuously.

These sensors serve functions like alerting drivers and dispatchers for meeting fuel efficiency problems, meeting various maintenance needs and safety issues. This ultimately serves for predicting and resolving the repairs before accidents or breakdowns occurs, which in turn helps in major long-term savings.

  • Easing customer lives

The best thing about IoT is that it can communicate with other devices as they are connected with other devices for performing various tasks. For instance, ‘’smart thermostats’’ can be connected to mobile phones which helps the user in adjusting them from any location.

Seeing this application in practicality, Citigroup is using this principle to ATMs. Using this technology, users need not use their debit card to cash withdrawals. With the help of smartphones, the user can schedule their cash withdrawal, and then can arrive at ATM centre at a scheduled time. Using a code on the customer’s phone, their identity is confirmed and the transaction is processed. The identity confirmation can also be using a user’s iris.


Above mentioned are some of the examples of IoT Solutions, still, there are numerous applications of IoT in various industries. Using IoT App Development, high-quality products whose behaviour can be monitored for better performance can be produced. If you need any such IoT solution, FuGenX Technologies will help you. At FuGenX Technologies, various designers, developers, testers are available who are experts in developing and delivering amazing tech solutions.

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Tips and tricks to increase brand awareness for businesses

Every business needs to be with some skills to build its own brand to thrive through Worldwide. Marketing has ever been noticed with millions of competitions for each product based on its brand. How important it is to create a brand for your product and services to strive in solid competitions in the marketplace. Brand awareness is one of the important facts for each and every business to get revenue for organizations. Business name greatly targets your customers in a large hangs out through the World Wide Web. So when you create a brand for your business, it becomes so popular in digital media and attracts more customers as well. Everything needs to be focused while creating a brand for the business including Content, Infographics, and Multimedia etc.

Here is a way how you can employ brand awareness:


Content creation for regular: Create content regularly about business and increase your product or services online presence, where the number of chances of being caught by the users will get increased. So creating the content and publishing is one the best way by which you can increase business online presence in a wide range. A strong content engages millions of viewers.

Infographics: Infographics are one the rich ways to attract readers with multi colours, images, and simple content. Infographics have got thousand plus more impressions over the years. It presents your business in an innovative way with structured data and information. It is the most used way to enrich a brand.

Multimedia: Multimedia content like YouTube which includes videos, presentation and webinars and many more, is the one the good ways to create brand awareness of any business. Making video and presentations regarding product marketing will create brand awareness reaching users directly through a talk with visual effects.

Remarketing: Retake business foremost to the previous visitors of your business, it helps you to take your business frontage of their research.

Influencer marketing: Influencer can easily get a new audience to your business. An influencer is the one who has a huge number of followers on social media. If you want to increase the audience and turn them into clients to business it is important to choose the relevant influencer.

Guest Blogging: Publishing/act of contributing a blog post or article for a relevant category on another blogger website which helps you to promote the business, advance its brand for a new audience on another site.

Social Media: Social Media has a very high demand nowadays and it covered with millions to billions of people. Social media strategy is being an effective way to increase brand awareness. People are more attracted towards social media whether it may be for entertainment, business, gaming or shopping purpose. Create Instagram live ads, use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn like Social Media Apps for more. Make here sample posts either pictures or video of your product/services, keep posting, sharing liking and inviting the new people to get remunerations for the business.

Research: Whenever we are doing some effective work we need to have researching skills to take our work in a different way from others. Do some research on your business name where you will come to know what tactics other businesses are already employed to create brand awareness. That really works for you one or the other way and take you to browse some new ideas.

With Free Version Offer: Offering free version to the customers will surely create brand awareness such as eBooks, webinars, etc… Once customers are happy with your products and services with the free version, they will proceed with the paid version and they will refer the same to other users as well hence it creates buzz around your brand.

Engage the hearts with images and Video: Opinions are being formed more quickly by the effect of images and videos. So to get positive impressions to create a brand for business, images and videos are the engaging ways and it gets new users to your business.

Mobile App Development Companies in India is been one of the great platforms used to reach the world and endeavour your services through an application which can be created for various devices like Android, iOS and Windows. It takes your business in an amazing way to reach success towards creating a new brand in the World.

Mobile app development companies Gurgaon | Top 10 list?

It is not an easy task to find or decide a top mobile app development companies in Gurgaon, India where thousands of app development competitors booming to take a chance to make your business easy than anything in a single-handed mobile application. However, businesses want to cross their competition and get more profit with achievable success. Mobile app development companies in Gurgaon, India trying their best to make satisfied with their 100% efficient services.

Here I have come with Top-10 Mobile App Development  Companies list which provides customer satisfied services in Gurgaon, India.


1. FuGenX Technologies: FuGenX Technologies is a top mobile app development company in Gurgaon, is ISO 9001:2008 certified. FuGenX won Deloitte Technology Fast-500-Asia-Pacific twice for 2016, 2013 and Fast 50 India for 2013. FuGenX offers cost-effective and 100 % efficient services and has a dedicated skilled team which works on app design, development and testing.


Company Size: 200-250


Services: Mobile App Development(Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows), Game App Development, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Big Data, Data Science, Deep Learning, Web App Development, IoT App Development, Enterprise Mobility, FitBit App Development, UX/UI Design etc.

2. OpenXcell: OpenXcell is CMMI level 3 Software Development Company in Gurgaon. OpenXcell provides software development services with a motivated team of technology consultant skilled Software Engineers, Specialized in Mobile App Development Company served N-number of mobile apps for real-time businesses, has won Best Software development Firm award from GESIA in 2014 and 2015.


Company Size: 200+

Services: Software Development, Mobile App Development, Blockchain Technology, Web and eCommerce, DevOps as a Services, Testing and QA, Real-time App Development, Chat Bots, Internet of Things, Dedicated Development Center, IT Support and Services, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence Analytics etc.

3. Daffodil Software Ltd: Daffodil Software is the technology experts providing IT services including web and mobile development solutions all around the World in India. Daffodil Software has created 600+ mobile apps for start-ups across the World, is fastest growing and Enterprise Mobile Apps and Web Apps providers in the Globe.


Company Size: 250 to500


Services: Web App Development, Blockchain Technology, Mobile Application Development Services(Android, iPhone, Cross-Platform, Enterprise Mobile Apps).

4. Apporio Infolabs Pvt Ltd: Apporio Infolabs is ISO 9001-2015 certified IT service providers, offers mobile apps like industries including  Uber Taxi App, Laundry & Dry Cleaning App, Instacart Grocery App, Food Delivery App, Uber X App, Uber for X, Handyman app.


Company Size: 51 to 200


Services: Mobile Applications, Web Application, Digital Marketing, etc.

5. IndiaNIC Infotech Ltd:  IndiaNIC Infotech is a Gujarat based mobile app development company providing services and business solutions for small business, enterprises and start-ups. Serving across the Globe mainly in India and USA. The company offering real-time mobility solutions for end-to-end IT and enterprise solutions.


Company Size: 201 to 500


Services: Mobile Apps Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design Analysis, Mobile Game Development, Virtual Reality Apps Development, IOT Solutions, Apps for Wearable Devices.

6. Hidden Brains InfoTech: Hidden Brains is a globally recognized IT consulting, mobility service and enterprise service providers for the industries eLearning, healthcare, retail, oil and gas, energy & utilities, travel, transportation & hospitality in India.


Company Size: 250 to 500


Services: Mobile Apps Development, Web Applications Development, Business / Technology Consulting, Development Methodology, AR /VR, Cloud & DevOps, Chatbot Development, Wearables, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain.

7.Mobibiz: Mobibiz is a Gurgaon based leading mobile app development company, offering mobile application development services for multi-platforms including Android, iPhone, Augmented Reality, Hybrid App, iBeacon, Rapid App, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Wearable Technology for enterprise and start-ups. Served almost 35+ country with mobile apps and web apps products.


Company Size: 51 to200


Services: Mobile App Development, Augmented Reality Apps Development, Hybrid App Development Services,  Apple Watch Application Development Service, Wearable Technology Services, Cross-Platform Apps, Enterprise Mobility Consulting etc.

8. Quy Technology: Quy Technology is a mobile app development company, providing mobile app development, Consulting and Outsourcing services for start-ups and enterprises, located in Gurgaon, India.


Company Size: 80+


Services: Mobile Application Development, Augmented Reality App Development, Virtual Reality App Development, AI Development Company, Hire Dedicated Developers, etc.

9. Key Software Services Private Limited: Key Software Services one of the leading software company in Gurgaon, India. Key Software Services is specialized in Mobile App Development, Web App Development, UX/UI Design and Native Apps Development, serving global clients all around the World.


Company Size: 50+


Services: Web Application Development, Native Application Development, UI / UX, etc.

10. Wetware Systems Pvt Ltd: Wetware Systems is a mobile app development company in Gurgaon, offering software development services. Wetware Systems aimed to develop high-quality mobile apps with in-depth technical knowledge for Android, iOS and Cross-Platforms.


Company Size: 50+


Services: iOS App Development, Android App Development, Software Development, Cross-Platform Development, ChatBot Development, Web Application, etc.

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Conclusion: There are a lot of Top Mobile App Development Companies in India,  before approaching any of the companies for your requirements once check with their reviews on all portals in Search Engine.

How to Make an App Viral?

Everything is on apps now. Almost every business is becoming dependent on the app. Apps have become an integral part of every business. This is mainly because, with the help of apps, a business can reach people easily. Every day, we are witnessing lot many apps coming in the app stores, but the main question here is how to make the app viral.

Every business owner wants their app to be popular, but in this competitive world making an app viral is not that easy. Also, there are some misconceptions that if the app is exposed on some social media platform, they get viral. But, in fact, it is not so. Before we step into the various strategies for making the app viral, let us understand what is meant by making an app viral

Mobile Apps Development Company India

Meaning of Making App Viral

When any user finds your app interesting, they will download it from the app stores. If the user is impressed by the content of the app and finds it really useful, then they share the app with their friends and family. In this way, the app gets widespread among people. This is nothing but making the app viral. After growth is built, users themselves will handle app promotions which are referred to as network effect.

Various Effective Strategies for Making the app viral

       Social Media

Social media platforms provide the best platform to expose your app. This is because, owing to the high demand for social media platforms, a lot many people are using some of the other social media platforms. So, the app owner can make use of such an amazing platform for exposing the app. This will increase awareness about the app so that it can reach a huge number of people.


Always ask for reviews from the users. Reviews will provide you with the information of how the user is feeling about the app, which in turn helps in building a brand. Reviews can be either positive or negative. For making a mobile app success, it is important to get positive reviews.

How to get positive reviews

Using the following ways, the chances of getting positive reviews would be high-

  •  Ask for Feedback: always include a feature in the mobile app which allows the users to share their feedback.
  • Never force to give a review: giving review should only be an option and never make it mandatory to give a review, this may leave a negative impact on the app.
  • Survey:  instead of just asking for giving stars on a scale of 5, ask the user to simple questions like ‘ are you enjoying the app?’ and such.
  •  Back Linking: this will help the user visit the app easily without the need to install   it.
  •  Referrals: when the app is being referred by some friend or a family member, people tend to use it more. So, provide an option in the app for sharing the app via Whatsapp, SMS or Facebook by creating a link. Also, make some offers for sharing that particular link with others.
  • Gaming Section: This is an interesting and attractive feature of the app. With the help of this section, users do not feel bored with using the app.
  • The Hooked Model:  Hooked models serve very useful. The hooked model has four components which are Trigger, Action, Variable rewards, Investments and can be explained as follows-
    • Triggering, the combination of External and internal triggers. It will direct the user’s action via emails, tweets, etc.
    • Action, as per the reward anticipation, the behaviour is delivered like scrolling, searching
    • Variable rewards, based on variable ratio schedules, the user will receive the rewards
    • Investments, the value of the app rise and the process gets completed.

Examples, inviting friends to the app, create a profile, etc.

Push Notifications: There are various advantages of using push notifications like enhancing the user engagement, keep the user aware of various updates, etc. but, care should be taken that these push notifications do not annoy the user. Proper timing should be maintained for push notifications and it involves welcome notifications, behavioural, zombie.

Remarkable Product: The product or the services which you offer to the user should be remarkable. This is what makes the brand name and fame.

Qualities of a Viral app: Having advanced key features, Proper functionalities, never overload with information, Continued testing process.

Conclusion: If you want your mobile app development to be effective, then take care of the above-mentioned points.  Various mobile app store optimization is possible with the help of Angular JS. For knowing more about, mobile app marketing reaches us at which has a team of app development company India.

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Tim Cook’s KeyNotes from Apple’s WWDC Event

WWDC (Worldwide Developers Convention) is the biggest event that has upgraded many changes ruled iOS market place that is ever before. Top Mobile App developers from all the corner of the countries wait for this largest event to increase their credibility, empowerment and motivations towards the development of software products. Tim Cook has brought drastic updates for the operating system of iOS 12 which is really more beneficial for the users, the company and the largest app market place as well.

Swift language is becoming more powerful and useful than ever before, it is adopted by more millions of iOS application developers in India, USA and other countries like Canada, Japan, France, etc…and progress will go on achieving more precise upgrades on iOS. Fastest adoption is more possible on the operating system of iOS compared to Android and the adoption rate of iOS was 81 %, whereas newly released Android is only 6%. So people will recommend for iOS than going with the less speed of Android.

More than 6000 developers from more than 80 countries were live in the event. The latest update for the operating system of iOS 12 will achieve app load up to 40%   faster, 50% faster if use keyboard, when comes to the camera it is up to 70% faster.

Here are a few keynotes which are delivered by Tim Cook in WWDC event:


Password Auto-fill: Password auto-fill is actually an amazing feature of iOS 12 which allows the third party to fill out the password.

Auto-fill 2FA SMS: Auto-fill 2 FA feature fills the OTP automatically like passwords in some applications while reducing the manual actions like copy and paste.

Social Sharing from Safari: Safari always asks users whether they want to allow tracking or not to allow. Likewise, it enables/disables Social sharing apps.

Gestures on iPhone X and iPad: iPhone X and iPad have brilliant gesture on their phones, swipe down from the top right corner that will take you to control centre and swipe from anywhere on the dock will take you to home.

Smoother Animations: when you perform things like swipe to control centre, swipe while multitasking and scroll in apps make you feel more responsive.

Improved Siri Shortcuts: Siri has brought a lot of changes to iOS devices bringing more shortcuts which allow you to speak and perform actions for certain functions. This is for making life with iOS easy and effortlessly. With these Siri Shortcuts iOS users can easily remember the passwords.

Fun with Memoji: iOS has fun-filled emoji and Animojis on iPhone X. In addition to these emojis, iOS has updated Memojis, users can create custom emojis which look like themselves, these custom created emojis are named as Memojis on iOS.

ARKit 2: Newly updated ARKit 2 allows you to share 3D objects on iOS using USDZ file format. It is to catch multiple iOS devices from the same practical objects from different points for multiple user perspectives.

A relationship between iOS and MacOS:  From 2019, iOS enable their apps to run on MacOS, but it doesn’t mean that Apple is planning to unite both iOS and MacOS. Thing is MacOS able to run both apps on it including MacOS apps and iOS apps.

Face-Time: iOS has launched group Face Time Chat, allows users to group 32 participants at a time which will be integrated with messages app. Hence users can easily switch to group messaging or video call.

My Personnel Recommendation for iOS App Development: FuGenX is a game-changer for the iOS market place, as it’s a fast-growing mobile apps development in Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon and Ahmedabad, India. Offering the best app development services for creating smart iPhone and iPad apps to achieve your business goals.

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Top Mobile App Development Trends which Benefit Healthcare Industry

Mobile app development process and technologies have changed its path one step ahead to hospitals for patient care in a digital way. Nowadays every industry is being benefited by mobile apps development, hospitals and medical industries also getting implemented and adopted new mobile app development technologies and trends which are really beneficial healthcare industry from then to now.  Making everything possible is not that easy, but nowadays it has changed to trends which can profit any service immediately saving everyone’s time in concern.

Technologies and Algorithms are booming in a wide range to change the well-bred industries. Healthcare is also complex and fastidious a little bit from then. Cause of revolutionized concepts in mobile apps technologies, healthcare is becoming a more patient concern and time concern.

To care the patients in an innovative fashion, Mobile App Developers utilizing these below methods/technologies to serve the healthcare industries.


Telemedicine: It has implemented to its great extent in the healthcare industry to reduce the real gap between the patient and doctors, patient and caretakers. Telemedicine which connects doctor immediately made easy access and helped to make preventions in the medical emergency.

IoT: It has gained great attention towards the medical industry cause of integrated with a lot of useful things. Internet of Things has grown as an important part of technologies used in the healthcare industry. Methods in IoT helped to improve patient health, turns data into actions, advances care management systems and improvement of prevention care.

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Blockchain: Blockchain is a list of records, provides a wide range of benefits in finance and technologies. It uses cryptographic and allows participants to interact with each other, records the transaction between them and cached records will be distributed on all network participants. Blockchain involved in improving security, privacy, patient care and healthcare ecosystems.

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Artificial Intelligence: It enables several game-changing machine-based services to advance healthcare industries in multiple ways. Machinery work reduces human work, it senses, learns and acts like a human.  AI-assisted surgeries have taken medical industry towards success. A few AI identified applications like Robot-Assisted Surgery, Virtual Nursing Assistants, Fraud Detection, Automated Image Diagnosis achieved healthcare economy to its great extent.

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AR/VR: AR/VR Mobile apps performed in many of the industries mainly in the healthcare industry. It is a new trend in Mobile App Development largely occupied its space in healthcare to improve the quality of treatment while reducing pain to a patient in surgical situations. Anything can be made easy with AR/VR like training, learning and a good experience for doctors. It is more beneficial to doctors, patients and healthcare providers as well.

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Cloud: Everything including patient past entries and records, payments, organizations health insurance are stored on the cloud to achieve more security to data and information of the healthcare industry. Having a cloud in a network make easy access to information at any time to doctors and patient as well.

Wearables: These Wearable devices implemented with active sensors which assist the users to track their healthcare activities like nutrition control, food chart, exercise, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. Doctors can also use these mobile apps to track patient’s body functions.

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